Vulnerability and Patch Management Solutions

VulnDetect can swiftly detect software which is insecure, end-of-life and susceptible to 0-days in your Windows environment. Allowing to you to gain insights on the security and patch status of hundreds of third-party apps such as Acrobat Flash/Reader, Java, Web browsers, and allows you to instantly and automatically update them across your environment. Security patch management doesn’t need to be a complex and painful task.

Vulnerability and Patch Management Solutions
Unprecedented <span>Accuracy</span>

Unprecedented Accuracy

  • Non-intrusive authenticated vulnerability and patch scanning
  • Scan your endpoints to detect missing patches
  • Reports end-of-Life software
  • Reports security status for each application
  • Detection coverage of programs and plug-ins from thousands of vendors
  • Verifies vulnerabilities and patches in all third-party programs and plug-ins

Automated Software Packaging

  • Pre-built, Tested. Packages available
  • Packages & Updates ready for deployment
  • Submit software relevant to your network for future patch support
  • Our Packaging process goes through a rigorous review process by our team of qualified experts
Automated <span>Software Packaging</span>
Patch Current <span>& Stay Current</span>

Patch Current & Stay Current

  • Automated Software & Patch Deployment
  • Extensive support to 250+ third-party applications patching
  • Stay 100% secure by defending against vulnerabilities in your 3rd party applications
  • An extensive repository of patches for common applications such as Adobe, Java, WinRAR and more
  • Make use of pre-built, tested, ready-to-deploy packages

VulnDetect Features & Benefits

The VulnDetect detection data is derived from multiple sources and verified by our team of qualified experts.

Comprehensive Overview

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of the security and compliance state of the entire network.

Authenticated Scanning

The authenticated scanning approach enables the VulnDetect to produce vulnerability scanning results with unprecedented accuracy.

Program and Plug-in Security Status

The insecure/end-of-life/patched status of all the programs gives you exact knowledge about security and compliance state of your network.

Extensive Program Coverage

The VulnDetect covers programs and plug-ins from thousands of vendors, including Microsoft.


Extremely scalable and can scan unlimited numbers of hosts in your corporate network with no noticeable performance impact.

Easy Remediation

Pinpoints the exact location of vulnerable programs and plug-ins which pose a threat to your network and provides direct links to relevant the solutions.


The VulnDetect ratings of insecure programs and plug-ins help you prioritise and plan the remediation process.

Non-intrusive Scanning

Scans are non-intrusive & risk-free, the scans are authenticated, the VulnDetect correlates the identified programs and plug-ins against multiple renowned vulnerability intelligence sources.

Scheduled Scans

Flexible scheduling of scans enables you to lower network bandwidth consumption as well as run faster scans. The scheduling of scans makes it easy to conduct compliance audits and verify that patches have been rolled out correctly.

Inbuilt Patching Mechanism

Makes it easy to patch programs and plug-ins through silently & automatically

Approved Software Deployment and Patching

Flexible whitelisting of software updates for quick and easy deployment without impact the network of users

Account Management (Coming Soon)

Multiple accounts capability, supporting a hierarchy of organisational units, regions, segments, and locations.

Insightful Reporting (Coming Soon)

Detailed status reports matching the needs of different stakeholders. Reports can be generated at pre-scheduled intervals and sent via email.

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Ransomware, business email compromise, denial of service attacks, 0-days exploits are some of the ways hackers can put your entire company at risk.

One exposed device is all it takes.

The longer you leave your endpoints unprotected, the more likely you’ll be exposed. Security patches are often the only thing that stands between vulnerability and security. The VulnDetect makes it easy to keep all your devices up to date.

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